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Teeth Whitening It is a dental procedure considered as aesthetic that aims to remove dental stains and make the teeth acquire a whiter and brighter hue. At Top Dental we have two types of Whitening:

  • In-office Bleaching It is carried out in all our clinics through the application of a whitening agent, which can be activated by a light source. It is necessary to previously carry out an adequate prophylaxis or dental cleaning and check that the oral cavity is healthy. After this step, the area to be treated is isolated, so as to avoid contact of the whitening agent with the periodontal tissues, and then the whitening agent is added.
  • At-home Bleaching: This type of whitening is a kit that you can buy at any of our clinics. You must follow the dentist's instructions to perform the procedure. In the same way as in the previous whitening, it is necessary to carry out a dental prophylaxis or cleaning and an oral check-up before the treatment.
We invite you to Renew your Smile with a Teeth Whitening at Top Dental.
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