Custom Dentures: Replacing Missing Teeth for a Complete Smile

A Removable Dental Prosthesis is the way dentures are known. This dental treatment helps replace dental absences and periodontal tissues that the patient has been losing in his mouth. Thanks to this type of dental prosthesis, patients can recover the functionality of their teeth to laugh, eat and speak. In addition, prostheses prevent the patient's teeth from shifting, which are still in good condition. ​
At Top Dental you can find two types of removable dentures: a partial and a complete one.

  • The Removable Partial Dentures are a type of dental prosthesis that replace the patient's missing teeth with a prosthesis that the patient can remove at will, with the particularity that the patient has NOT lost all the teeth, and some of them are used as pillars for prostheses. They are designed for each specific patient given the variability of the shape of the mouth and missing teeth of each one, there are not two removable prostheses with the same design. We emphasize that the patient must remove these prostheses before going to sleep, to preserve the health of their soft tissues.
  • Complete Removable Denture On some occasions, when the teeth that are still preserved but are in very poor condition, it is necessary to resort to complete removable prostheses. In order to place them, the teeth that are still in the patient's mouth are extracted and a denture is manufactured that replaces the 14 teeth of the entire arch (upper or lower, as the case may be) in its entirety. When the oral tissues have healed, these dentures are adjusted to the gums using adhesive products.
Now you too can recover your Smile with a Denture. Make an evaluation appointment at any of our four clinics located in the cities of Fairfax, Herndon, Manassas, Woodbridge.
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