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Hello! It is a great pleasure to greet you and welcome you to Top Dental in its Specialty of Dental Extraction, in this department we work from a simple extraction and surgical extraction
Simple Extraction: A simple extraction consists of the use of forceps that forcefully grasp a piece of the denture, performing rotary and traction movements to release the piece and the final extraction. The process, which is always performed under local anesthesia, takes only a few minutes.
Surgical Extraction: It is used in more serious cases, such as impacted wisdom teeth that have not grown in properly. Surgical extraction is also used if a tooth is fractured below the gum line and has to be extracted in pieces or if a tooth is badly decayed to the point that forceps cannot remove the tooth from its socket. This is one of the types of dental extraction where an incision inside the gum line is necessary in order to perform the extraction correctly.
a Wisdom Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure performed to remove one or more wisdom teeth located in the upper and lower back corners of the mouth. Wisdom teeth do not need to be removed if they do not cause any problems or pain. But on other occasions the wisdom teeth grow impacted, they can affect the distribution of the rest of the teeth, cause infections or pain. In these cases, wisdom tooth surgery is performed, which rather than one of the types of dental extraction would be a variety of surgical extraction or dental surgery.
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When is it necessary to apply one of the types of dental extraction?
In addition to the damage and injury that bad teeth can cause, types of tooth extraction may also be necessary for the following reasons:

  • Crowded teeth: as we grow, the chances of crowding the teeth also increase. If you have all four wisdom teeth, there is a chance that your mouth will tighten and the other teeth will start to overlap each other. This can eventually cause chewing and biting problems and also lead to an unsightly smile. The types of dental extraction prepare the mouth for orthodontics, which means getting the teeth aligned..
  • Infection: if you have damaged teeth, the infection can reach the nerves and blood vessels and cause further infection. Bacteria in the mouth can build up, causing an infection, which can invade the gums and lead to serious illness. Extracting the infected tooth is often a preferable option to prevent further damage..
  • Gum disease: Periodontitis or gum disease is an infection of the bones and tissues that support the teeth. Infected gums may not be able to support the tooth, making chewing or biting painful. This is when tooth extraction could be necessary and very helpful.
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