All on Four Dental Implants, a Permanent Dental Solution

All on Four is a solution that provides patients with a fixed prosthesis in the upper, lower or both arches of the denture on the same day of surgery. It is an economical technique because it requires a smaller number of implants compared to individual implants. This technique uses four implants for a total fixed rehabilitation, two straight implants in the anterior part and two inclined up to 45º in the posterior part.
This procedure is performed through oral surgery by our surgeon Dr. Kamran Raja Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. To guarantee the success of the treatment and therefore the needs of our patients, we will carry out a personalized study with the corresponding necessary radiological tests, photos and models to start the treatment plan. Once the case has been studied and deciding that the All on Four system is the best solution for our patient, we plan the work with the laboratory and set the day the surgery will take place.
Now you can recover your Smile with 4 implants. Visit us at our clinic at Top Dental Manassas and learn more about this dental solution.
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